Connect worldwide with
a single interface and enjoy
full quality SMS solutions.

Perfect for OTP

SMS OTP is widely used for phone number verification, 2-step verification, account recovery, and payment verification.

Perfect for Marketing

SMS, by far, has the best engagement rate of any marketing channel. Furthermore, SMS is as fast as it gets for delivery and response times.

Easy to connect

The industry standard protocol SMPP v3.4 allows every entity to control every SMS feature, like Long SMS, dynamic senders, Unicode, etc.


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Our Team

Gianluca Pronti

Founder and ceo, Gianluca has 20 years experience in the telecommunication field. He is developing the company focusing on customer satisfaction.

Massimo Bergamini

Massimo is a technically exceptional software developer. He joined DireQ four years ago, coming into a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.

Emanuele Astolfi
Routing Manager

Emanuele leads the Customer Interactions Routing Team to deliver the best possible customer experience and optimal operational performance.

Battal Yenilmezel

Battal is very hardworking and extremely talented individual. He is good at Software development and also has a lot of deep technical background.

Giulia Esposito
Business development

Embracing new challenges fearlessly, she orchestrates the fusion of knowledge, experience, and compassion, driving the company to greater heights!

Facundo Jurado
Account Manager

With a track record of revenue growth, he shines when it comes to accuracy. As a team player, he fosters innovation and continuous improvement.

Christos Zacharis
Business development

With passion and precision, he always ensures consistent goal achievement. His negotiation finesse has expanded our market reach.

Sara Guglielmino
Customer Care

Sara is a charismatic communicator with responsibility across all business flows. Her adaptability and empathy make her a key person in DireQ.

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